RETD is a technology cross-cutting and policy-focussed platform to accelerate the deployment of renewables. RETD operates under the legal framework of the International Energy Agency.
Event IEA-RETD Roundtable Discussion “Integration of Renewable Electricity, Heating and the Role of Storage” in Paris (France) 18 March 2015 Overview In a roundtable discussion on 18 March 2015 at the Ministère du Dévéloppement Durable et de l’Energie in Paris, the IEA-RETD will present RE-INTEGRATION and RES-H-NEXT with a special focus on the role of energy storage. The workshop will …  
Publication RES-H-NEXT Next generation policy instruments for renewable heating and cooling in the commercial sector  
Publication RE-INTEGRATION Integration of variable renewable electricity sources in electricity systems – Lessons learnt and guidelines