Capitalizing on Renewables

Thursday 27 September 2012

Ottawa, CANADA

This IEA-RETD renewable energy workshop provided an overview of how different countries aim to capitalize on renewable energy. In the morning session, different policy cases were presented, illustrating the different approaches to meet policy objectives, including securing energy supply, industrial and economic development, climate change mitigation, et cetera.

The afternoon session concentrated on the employment and economic benefits of renewable energy technology deployment. The results of the EMPLOY project were formally launched at this workshop. Commissioned by IEA-RETD, the EMPLOY project has reviewed the methodological aspects of quantifying employment effects, has proposed methodological guidelines, and has presented some country case studies, including one on Canada. Will the – sometimes fierce – debate on net employment impacts of renewable energy deployment finally be settled?

Overview of the day

Hans Jørgen Koch, IEA-RETD chair, Denmark

Introduction to the morning session Preparing for a renewable future
David de Jager, Ecofys, Netherlands
Renewable energy deployment in the context of an heated energy debate – status and prospects

Preparing for a renewable future – country cases:

Introduction to afternoon session Employment and economic benefits
Zitouni Ould-Dada, DECC, UK

Quantifying employment and economic impacts – Results of the EMPLOY project
Barbara Breitschopf, Fraunhofer Institute Systems and Innovation Research (ISI)

Renewing Futures in Canada
Diane Obam Dallaire, Electricity Sector Council Canada and Bill Empey, Prism Economics, Canada

Case studies for Europe and Germany
Barbara Breitschopf, Fraunhofer Institute Systems and Innovation Research (ISI)

Panel discussion
Moderated by Zitouni Ould-Dada, DECC, UK

Conclusions and wrap up
David de Jager, Operating Agent IEA-RETD