Press Release and Executive Summary


Presentation during the workshop

IEA-RETD Workshop on Financing Large-Scale Deployment of Renewables

17th April 2012, London

IEA-RETD is organising a workshop on Financing Large-Scale Deployment of Renewable Energy Technologies. The workshop will be held in the afternoon of Tuesday, 17th April 2012 in London.

The workshop will bring together a selected group of representatives from industry and the financial sector, with the aim to discuss the recommendations of the recently published IEA-RETD report ‘Strategies To Finance Large-Scale Deployment Of Renewable Energy Projects: An Economic Development And Infrastructure Approach’ and provide insight into the future work of IEA RETD.

In a dialogue with financers, this workshop will stimulate engagement with industrial stakeholders in identifying new areas in which future renewable energy research is warranted. IEA-RETD’s main objective is to identify the challenges and obstacles that industry currently face with respect to financing renewable energy, and explore the financial instruments, public policies and associated measures that may be introduced to enhance the deployment of renewable energy technology in the short term.

In the FINANCE-RE report it is pointed out that new and more innovative policies are needed to attract massive flows of capital to the renewable energy sector. The report presents a menu of options for policies and measures to attract capital. One of the underlying messages of the report is that governments must bring together economic development, finance, innovation and energy policies as the financing challenge is only one part of a massive technological transition needed to shift the global economy away from its dependence on high-carbon energy.

Supporting documents:

Policy brief

The main workshop findings are summarized in a policy brief. At this website you can download a short (one page) and longer (three pages) version of the policy brief.