IEA-RETD Workshop, London

26 August 2015

The IEA-RETD hosted a workshop on current key topics of Renewable Energy Technology Deployment. The workshop provided an opportunity to learn more on the activities of IEA-RETD, in particular three ongoing state-of-the-art studies of IEA-RETD followed by an interactive discussion amongst the participants.


The workshop addressed three main topics:

1. Renewable Energy Finance

IEA-RETD Report: Cost and financing aspects of community renewable energy projects (FIN-COMMUNITY)

Gregory Vaughan-Morris, Ricardo-AEA

The key barriers faced by community energy projects are generally well understood, however, there is much less information available about the actual cost and financing implications of these projects. The FIN-COMMUNITY project seeks to identify, document and assess the cost and financial impacts faced by community-owned renewable energy projects compared to commercial renewable energy projects.

More information can be found on

2. Energy Storage

IEA-RETD Scoping Study: Policies for Storing Renewable Energy (RE-STORAGE)

Paul Robson, E4tech

The RE-STORAGE scoping study aims to answer the question “Everybody is talking about storage  – what is important for policy makers?” by giving an overview of policy relevant aspects relating to renewable energy and storage. It will explain no-regret policies and provide a guiding framework that allows policy makers to set priorities in a large scale uptake of RE scenario.

3. Renewable transport policies

IEA-RETD Report: Next Generation Policy Instruments for Renewable Transport (RES-T-NEXT)

David de Jager, Operating Agent IEA-RETD

The RES-T-Next project aims at providing an analysis of next generation RES-T policy instruments and recommendations regarding private and urban transport in order to increase the level of energy used from renewable sources and to decrease GHG emissions. More information can be found on the project webpage


Date: Wednesday 26th August 2015

Time: 1:30 to 4:00 pm

Location: Foreign & Common Wealth Office, Durbar Court Conference Room, King Charles Street, London, SW1A 2AH