Joint IRENA – IEA-RETD REMAP workshop: Roadmap to Doubling RES

29 November 2013

Global Energy Prospects: Roadmap to Doubling Renewables in the Global Energy Mix

On 29 November 2013, IRENA and IEA-RETD jointly organised a workshop that aimed to discuss key factors for achieving the goal of doubling the global renewable energy share by 2030 based on IRENA’s findings from 26 country studies. Its purpose was to identify opportunities for collaboration among international organisations, policy-makers, industry representatives, and scientists.

The meeting followed Europe’s Renewable Policy Conference (EREC 2013) in the same venue. Nearly forty people participated in the workshop. The participants included intergovernmental agencies, government agencies, academic organisations, industry representatives, and private firms in the renewable energy field.

The workshop discussed ways to achieve the doubling of renewables in the global energy mix by 2030, based on the results from analysis conducted within IRENA’s Renewables Roadmap for 2030 (REmap 2030) initiative. The workshop was organised around four technical sessions (map overall results, biomass, grid and storage needs in the roadmap, and socio-economic benefit of RE deployment) and roundtable discussion. IEA-RETD presented its work on next generation policy instruments for renewable electricity (RES-E-NEXT), and on economic co-benefits of renewable energy technology deployment (EMPLOY).