Side event at the UNFCCC-TEC, Bonn

18 August 2014

IEA-RETD at 9th UNFCCC-TEC meeting

In a side event to the 9th meeting of the UNFCCC Technology Executive Committee, the Operating Agent of IEA-RETD, David de Jager, gave an overview of recent work, and highlighted particular work of interest to UNFCCC-TEC participants and observers.

What are key challenges for an accelerated renewable energy deployment, and how can policies reduce non-technical barriers?

The programme provided a short overview of recent IEA-RETD activities, and zoomed in on three concrete topics: renewables for remote areas and islands, the role of prosumers, and the design of next generation policy instruments.

Open for participants and registered observers to the 9th UNFCCC-TEC meeting.

18 August 2014, 18:30 – 19:30, Langer Eugen, Bonn, Germany