Renewable Energy in Industry (RE-INDUSTRY)

The manufacturing industry consumes about 30% of global primary energy with relative small shares of renewable energy (about 20%). In several IEA ETP scenarios (e.g. 2DS and hi-REN) the share of renewable energy, and notably renewable electricity, grows significantly. However, overall current deployment rates are relatively low. To reach the goal of the Paris Agreement of a largely decarbonized global economy, the industry sector has to speed up the transition towards (close to) a 100% renewable energy supply.

There is a need for insight in best practices and innovative technologies that could speed up the deployment of RE in industry and help to better integrate RE in the total energy system. In addition there is a need for insight in the role of key drivers and policies for those cases.

As the IEA Secretariat is preparing a roadmap to address the role of RE in industry  which will be published in 2017, the RE-INDUSTRY project will describe relevant case studies that will be used as input to this roadmap and as a reference for IEA RETD TCP member countries.

The overall objective of the project is to provide inspiration and state-of-the-art applications of renewable energy in industry. It will present best practices and key developments of renewable energy in the manufacturing industry: existing and emerging technologies, drivers, barriers, policies and lessons learned.

The project has been awarded to ENEA Consulting. The kick-off meeting took place on 22 September 2016 and final results are expected by February 2017.

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