ADORET PresentationThe overall objective of the project was to assist policy makers and project developers in a better understanding of the specifics of offshore renewable energy and to give them practical guidelines in how to foster their deployment.
Hence, this project focused on the following objectives:

  • Technical: Providing an overview of technologies, potentials and current status of wind, wave and tidal energy technologies
  • Economic/ financial: Providing a compendium of capital structure, costs of energy and financing schemes for offshore renewable energy projects, where available, to improve the understanding of economic and financial issues of offshore renewable energy projects and their dependence on perceived and real risks through relevant case studies
  • Barriers: Improving the understanding of non-technical barriers
  • Good practices: Giving an overview of world-leading countries’ experiences and good practices as a way to provide sound background information on the deployment; develop guidelines for project design and development to prevent delays, cost overruns or the abandonment of the projects.
  • Regulatory framework: development of a generic regulatory policy framework as “best case” that would include the allocation of seabed rights and permitting.
  • Recommendations: Providing recommendations on how to avoid the most common barriers, risks and issues in offshore energy project development and overcome the economic and financial challenges facing the deployment of offshore renewable energy technologies by developing guidelines for regulatory policies and project development.

The project results are available in the following documents:

The project will be presented at different events and published in a book format by EarthScan in 2011.