Barriers, Challenges and Opportunities

Barriers Challenges and Opportunities

Renewable Energy for Dummies


The objective of the report “Renewable Energy Technology Deployment – Barriers, Challenges and Opportunities” was to synthesize relevant studies on barriers, challenges and opportunities for the deployment of renewable energy published in recent years.
The report was prepared as part of a process of identifying project activities to be included in an Implementation Plan for RETD for the period towards 2010 and a detailed Work Programme for 2006-2007.

The RETD Implementation Plan and the Work Programme include prioritized project activities aiming to break down barriers to renewable energy deployment and are based on a common understanding among key stakeholders of the current barriers and challenges for the deployment of renewable energy technologies.

A draft version of this report was presented at a Stakeholder Workshop on 22 March 2006, where approx. 40 representatives from the RE industry, energy market players and authorities convened to guide RETD on which areas to focus activities on. The present study reflects the input provided at the Stakeholder Workshop.