RE-InnovationChain Final Report

IEA-RETD RE-InnovationChain Slide Pack


Best Practice Innovation Policy for Emerging Renewable Energy Technologies


Each step of the technology innovation chain, from basic research to deployment of mature technologies, requires a different set of policy incentives. The RE-InnovationChain study looks into best practice innovation policy for emerging renewable energy technologies.

The report presents international best practice for strategic innovation policy delivery, synthesising proven methods from around the world. It also makes new recommendations to improve the delivery of on-going policy tools, focusing on reducing risk for private sector investment earlier along the innovation chain, and pursuing an increasingly international innovation policy. By following these principles, governments that can unlock renewable energy technology deployment at lowest cost and also seed technology driven economic growth and exports.

The project led by the Carbon Trust and supported by Element Energy, involved extensive input through workshops and interviews with leading international policymakers and industry experts.

On 13 September 2013 a workshop has been organised, for more information click here. A second workshop was held on 13 March 2014.