Showcases of successful renewable energy financing


Innovative financing tools for renewable energy solutions

Along with the boost in global renewable energy financing levels in the last five years, many new approaches are invented. In its latest brochure, IEA-RETD adds 21 showcases of renewable energy projects with innovative and successful financing. This extension of the toolboxes of project developers and investors will support a further growth in renewable energy.


The showcases cover:

  • Four categories of innovative financing: community funding, crowd funding, private funding and public-private cooperation
  • 21 renewable energy projects
  • Bio-, geothermal-, solar-, tidal- and wind energy technologies
  • Project sizes ranging from 0.2 MW to 600 MW
  • OECD countries


Project developers, project owners, consultants, investors, financiers can draw inspiration from these showcases. The cases show how creative, innovative approaches meet challenges in financing, under different policy regimes. In addition, they policy makers how to improve their policy instruments and measures, in particular by removing investor risks. Matching these policies with financing approaches will expectedly accelerate the deployment of renewable energy technologies.