What projects did IEA-RETD execute over the past years?

Over the past years IEA-RETD has published reports to support its objective to empower policy makers and energy market actors to make informed decisions on the deployment of renewable energy. We have provided innovative policy options, disseminated best practice and helped to increase awareness of renewable energy action and inaction. Below you find an overview of our recent publications. By clicking on the project title, you will download a two page pdf with more details:

  • In the ADORET project we researched an offshore energy deployment framework, including allocation of seafloor rights.
  • The RE-BIZZ project gives successful business models for renewable energy in the built environment.
  • The RE-SUPPLY project identified critical constraints in the supply chains of on- and offshore wind and solar photovoltaic.
  • The RE-ASSUME project equips those who use energy scenarios to rightly interpret the results.
  • The RE-COST study assessed the impact of policies and regulations on investments in a variety of sources of electricity generation.
  • In REMOTE we provide policy perspectives for making remote areas and islands largely independent from fossil fuel imports.
  • The RES-E-NEXT project presents key considerations for the next generation of policy on renewable electricity through 2025