Barriers, Challenges and Opportunities

Minutes of the Workshop


The aim of the RETD Stakeholder Workshop held on 22 March 2006 in Brussels, Belgium was to solicit key stakeholder views on how to increase the deployment of renewable energy technologies.

Approx. 40 representatives from the RE industry, energy market players and authorities participated in the workshop.

Outcome incorporated in study
The outcome of the workshop was since incorporated into the RETD study on Barriers, Challenges and Opportunities (BCO) and taken into due consideration in the identifying the priority focus areas of the RETD.

Main findings:

  • There is a lack of sufficient information at all levels of decision-making on actual benefits of renewable energy technologies compared to fossil fuel technologies. A contributing factor to this barrier is the lack of market transparency and the fact that markets prices do not reflect the true cost of energy. Also it was pointed out that politicians should be aware that renewable energy technologies are new entrants threatening vested interests of the conventional energy sector. Easy access to unbiased quality information and provision of education, training and information campaigns can improve the situation. Benchmarking might also prove a useful tool in this context.
  • Decentralised renewable solutions face particular problems related to grid issues, local planning and NiMBY issues, which can be alleviated by increased harmonisation of regulation and improved cooperation between the various authorities and transmission system operators.
  • To significantly increase the share of renewables many participants called for politicians to (further) develop visions or targets for renewable energy deployments and to develop policy solutions, which make investments in renewable energy technologies attractive for private stakeholders.
  • Furthermore it was pointed out that activities should take into consideration that renewable energy technologies are deployed in different markets (electricity, heat, fuel, gas), which have special conditions and market barriers.