Fukushima Workshop – Revitalising local economies with renewable energy

1 September 2016

Fukushima Minpo Newspaper

The IEA RETD Technology Collaboration Programme, together with the Japanese New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization (NEDO) hosted a workshop in Koriyama-city in the Fukushima prefecture in Japan on 1st September 2016 focusing on the revitalisation of local economies with renewable energy. The study with the same name was launched at this event.

Following the Fukushima nuclear incident, the Japanese government decided to reduce the dependence on nuclear power as much as possible by promotion of energy efficiency and acceleration of renewable energy. As a recovery process, the Fukushima prefectural government acknowledged the need to revitalise the local economy by expansion of renewable energy implemented by local communities.

By linking results from international research and sharing experiences from different IEA RETD TCP member countries, the Japanese government hopes to actively support the acceleration of renewable energy in the Fukushima region.


The workshop was organised in three parts:


The workshop was attended by over 30 participants, from the Japanese government, local researchers, students and renewable energy project developers, Japanese media and IEA RETD TCP members.