‘Renewable Energies: Leveraging opportunities for new industrial and economic growth

RETD and ADEME hosted a Roundtable Discussion ‘Renewable Energies: Leveraging opportunities for new industrial and economic growth’ on 30 September 2010 in Nice, France.

Next to its contribution in meeting energy and climate objectives, renewable energy is frequently supported to strengthen national industries and economic development. But in various countries the economic crisis has had a major impact on the development of renewable energy.
Yet, given the commitment by many countries to realise the ambitious objectives for Renewable Energy Technology (RET) that have been set, a tremendous market opportunity has been created.
Several governments have hence started to re-assess their RET industry policy, as they want to reap the economic benefits of an innovative and job creating industry that creates high added value. In order to do this succesfully, smart choices have to be made to shape the conditions for tomorrow’s sustainable growth.
In order to facilitate the debate and the exchange of views amongst countries and organizations, RETD organizes a one-day roundtable discussion on this very current issue, from a truly global perspective.
The objective is to identify and discuss the key elements that are needed to develop a successful RET industry strategy that will help create RET industries that are not only successful today, but will also stay competitive tomorrow.
This while realising that the RET industry has become global, and competition is increasingly shifting from quality and innovation to price.
Some examples of questions that will need to be answered, in order to address the key levers:

  • Best practices: What are the lessons learned from policies and practices of countries leading in RET as well as from other, but more mature industries?
  • Markets of tomorrow: What are the driving forces and dynamics for developed and developing markets?
  • International framework: How to improve the impact of institutions and initiatives on industrial development?

Invited participants are policy makers, industry representatives and scientists from RETD and non-RETD member countries. The roundtable discussion will provide a unique opportunity for a lively exchanging of views and sharing of practical experiences. It intends to make the participants leave with valuable “ready to apply” insight in what should be the key elements for a succesful RET industry strategy and may also lay the foundation for a future RETD project. The event is organized by RETD and kindly co-hosted by France. 

The meeting minutes are available for download.