Renewable Energy – From Analysis to Action

How can the key stakeholders – Finance, Policy and Industry – work together to deliver contributions expected from renewables to energy security and climate-change mitigation? Providing answers to that question will be the goal of this IEA workshop on short-term prospects for renewables and on the urgent action needed to get on track to a low-carbon future.

Extensive deployment of renewable energy is essential to meeting global energy needs while constraining greenhouse gas emissions. Renewable energy policies are under pressure to deliver effectively and efficiently, with policy costs under the spotlight. But the benefits of renewables are not fully spelled out and recognized. New analysis by RETD quantifies the hidden benefits of renewables which justify sustained policy action.

The overall objective of this high level event is to transmit the sense of urgency for immediate action and co-operation. Getting on track to deliver renewable energy goals in the short and medium term will stretch the capacities of all renewable energy sector stakeholders. To achieve the necessary acceleration, these stakeholders – including the finance sector, policy makers, and industry – must work closely together so that project finance, energy demand and renewable energy supply can come into balance.

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