Remote Prosumers – Preparing for deployment


Roof-top solar PV prosumers in remote areas and islands (REMOTE PROSUMERS)

Many remote areas and islands (RAI) are deploying renewable energy (RE), some with ambitious plans to meet 100% of their electricity or even final energy needs with renewables. For most of them, roof-top PV systems offer clear advantages but most of their deployment potential still remains largely untapped. The setup of consistent prosumer policies can provide a means to achieve the islands’ objectives faster and with lower costs to society.

This report provides guidance to policy makers on the drivers, opportunities, challenges and implementation strategies of PV prosumer policies that can be considered within a comprehensive renewable energy strategy for RAI. It is based on the frameworks and methodologies developed on the IEA-RETD publications RE-PROSUMERS (2014) and REMOTE (2012).

The preliminary results were presented at the IRENA Island conference in Martinique in July 2015, see presentation slides.