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Policy Makers Report

Opportunities for the Use of Renewable Energy in Road Transport

The transport sector is one of the major emitters of greenhouse gases (and other pollutants). According to the IEA there is a need for a four-fold reduction of the carbon intensity of transport. Hence, the transport sector needs a transformation – a revolution in technology, infrastructure, transport concepts and political framework in order to achieve the goal of at least 50% CO2 emission reduction by 2050.

The report “Opportunities for the Use of Renewable Energy in Road Transport ”  provides an overview of the technological options and a policy framework needed for the transformation of the road transport sector in order to meet the challenges of reduction of GHG emissions and independence of oil through large-scale deployment of sustainable and effective renewable energy (RE) technologies.

Electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles are close to the market. As such they offer an opportunity for a structural transition to using renewable energy widely in road transport at an earlier stage than other technologies (e.g. hydrogen or advanced biofuels).

On 2 September 2010 RETD and BMU co-hosted the presentation of the RETRANS project at the BMU Visitors Center in Berlin. The fruitful discussion among the participants from ministries, parties, consultants and research institutes will be used to define the follow-up project.

On 28 January 2010 RETD hosted a workshop on its project RETRANS at the IEA headquarters in Paris. The project focuses on the co-evolution of the transport sector (electric vehicles) and the energy sector (renewable electricity).

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