Dead And Co Sphere Ticket Prices: How Much Are Dead and Company Grateful Seating?

Read the article to know Dead and Co Sphere Ticket Prices and How Much you need to pay for the Grateful Dead Sphere Seating Tickets.

Have you heard about the upcoming concert of Dead & Company? Concert lovers from the United States and Canada are eagerly waiting for the concert of Dead & Company. You will be amazed to hear that Sphere has become one of the hottest tickets in Las Vegas despite opening in September 2023.

Dead & Company is going to be the next long-term act of Sphere. People from different places become desperate to learn about the Dead and Co Sphere Ticket Prices.

What are the Dead and Co Sphere Ticket Prices?

At the Sphere, the ticket to Dead & Company starts at $145. It is the cheapest price. For standard general admission, the audience needs to pay $345. However, according to some sources, the cheapest ticket to Dead & Company is $323 (including fees) throughout the Las Vegas Residency. So, if you are a die-hard fan of Dead & Company, you must book the ticket as soon as possible. Otherwise, you might not get a chance to enjoy the concert.

What are the Dead and Co Sphere Ticket Prices

How Much Are Dead and Co Sphere Tickets for a front-row seat?

Previously, we have mentioned the cheapest price for the Dead & Company concert. Now, it is time to disclose the prices for a front-row seat at the Dead & Company concert. We need to mention first that the prices for the front-row seat might differ according to availability. It might cost you from $2,000 to above $11,000 per ticket. If money is not an issue, you can book a front-row seat to enjoy the concert closely.

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How do you get Dead and Company Sphere Tickets?

On 2 February 2024, Friday, the presale of the VIP + Hotel Packages already began. Though these packages are costly, the audience does not need any presale codes for this one. You also do not need to register for the access. If you are a VIP package holder, you will get the priority to enter the Dead & Company Fan Portal.

You will be happy to hear that the VIP + Hotel Packages presale and the registration are the best ways of increasing your chance of getting the Sphere Seating tickets. The Artist Presale began on 5 February 2024, Monday, around 10 am. You need to remember that the demand of getting tickets for the Dead & Company concert is high, but the supplies are limited.

How do you get Dead and Company Sphere Tickets

If you are planning to do advance registration, we inform you that advance registration might not guarantee tickets. You need to hurry to get the ticket. You can also check our “Social Media Links'” section to see the excitement of ordinary people.

Dates for the Grateful Dead Sphere concert:

  • 16 May, Thursday
  • 17 May, Friday
  • 18 May, Saturday
  • 24 May, Friday
  • 25 May, Saturday
  • 26 May, Sunday
  • 30 May, Thursday
  • 31 May, Friday
  • 1 June, Saturday
  • 6 June, Thursday
  • 7 June, Friday
  • 8 June, Saturday
  • 13 June, Thursday
  • 14 June, Friday
  • 15 June, Saturday
  • 20 June, Thursday
  • 21 June, Friday
  • 22 June, Saturday
  • 4 July, Thursday
  • 5 July, Friday
  • 6 July, Saturday
  • 11 July, Thursday
  • 12 July, Friday
  • 13 July, Saturday

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After knowing the Dead and Co Sphere Ticket Prices, you should also know that the band will perform 24 shows, mostly on Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays. So, without wasting time, go and grab your ticket. Click here to watch a performance by Dead & Company.

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