Is Sunrise Debt Collector Scam or Legit: Check Fair Reviews!

Meta: Find out Is Sunrise Debt Collector Scam or Legit, and check out Customer Reviews on their Services. 

Are you a customer of Sunrise credit card services? Have you received a debt email from Sunrise with any further due information? People from the United States are reporting the scam email they received on their email I.D. about the Debt they have to pay to Sunrise. 

However, people are responding vigorously and believing it is a scam email. However, there is no confirmation and clarity on the current scam email. As a result, people started looking for the complete specifications of the website and wanted to know Is Sunrise Debt Collector Scam or Legit.

Factors escalating: Is Sunrise Debt Collector Scam or Legit?

  • Domain Age: The domain information provider says it is a 26-year-old website launched in 1997.
  • Alexa Ranking: Information Unavailable 
  • Trust score: Sunrise Credit Service obtained a very reliable trust score of 100%, sufficient for any domain to qualify for the legitimacy parameters. 
  • Social media: unfortunately, no social media links are available despite my LinkedIn profile. As a result, people cannot find customer reviews on social media about their services.
  • Owner information: Diane Doane is the CEO and owner of the company.
  • Address proof: The contact address details are available on the website and social media with the PIN code number. 
  • Customer reviews: Sunrise Debt Collector Reviews are available on the website and Google, but the average customer rating is very low. Moreover, Google reviews also share a 1.5 rating.

About Sunrise Inc. 

Sunrise is an online credit card-providing company. Established in 1974, they have worked as a money lending and collecting agency. As per the website, they are one of the biggest money-collecting companies with over 35 to 40 years of experience in the field. The company’s main stakeholders are the CEO, Diane Doane, and President Richard G. Doane. However, people are depressed by the company’s poor service and proper information management practices.

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Sunrise Debt Collector Reviews

As of now, Sunrise Inc. has abysmal reviews, as many of the customers are not happy with the service. At Google, the company has more than 453 reviews, but most are not valuable and favorable to the company. The primary concern of the customers is regarding the services and the company staff who have been providing a feeble response to the customers.

Moreover, the website has negative feedback and reviews as they charge lots of interest and debt for every money they lend. Additionally, check out how to avoid credit card scams.

Specification to Prove Is Sunrise Debt Collector Scam or Legit

  • Domain launch: 6 August 1997
  • Domain expiry: 5 August 2024
  • Email ID:
  • Contact numbers: 800-208-8565, 800-645-9824
  • Contact address: P.O. Box 9004 Melville, NY 11747-9004
  • Payment mode: The payment process is per the customer’s choice of repayment and policies. 

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Final Verdict

Sunrise Credit Services Inc. is in controversial chaos as people believe it is a scam domain. Is Sunrise Debt Collector Scam or Legit can be estimated with its specification. Although the requirements and details of the company favor legitimacy, customer reviews disapprove of the company’s services. 

Would you consider such a credit card service-providing company? Comment below. Find more about PayPal scams.

Disclaimer: We do not promote any company. All the information in this blog is for information purpose.

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