Jason Kelce Net Worth 2023: Jason Kelce, the renowned center for the Philadelphia Eagles, has become a beloved figure not only for his exceptional football skills but also for his charismatic personality and passionate commitment to the game. As one of the NFL’s standout offensive linemen, Kelce’s journey from a relatively unheralded draft pick to a Super Bowl champion has earned him widespread recognition and respect. In this article, we will explore Jason Kelce’s net worth as of 2023, tracing his football career, contract earnings, endorsements, and the factors contributing to his financial success.

Early Life and College Career

Jason Kelce comes from a football family, with his older brother Travis Kelce, who is also an NFL star, playing as a tight end for the Kansas City Chiefs. Jason Kelce attended Cleveland Heights High School, where he excelled in both football and wrestling. His athletic prowess earned him a scholarship to the University of Cincinnati.

At the University of Cincinnati, Kelce made a name for himself as a versatile offensive lineman. He played multiple positions on the offensive line and was known for his work ethic and determination. 

NFL Career

Jason Kelce’s NFL journey began when he was selected by the Philadelphia Eagles in the sixth round of the 2011 NFL Draft. Despite being a late-round pick, Kelce quickly proved himself as an invaluable asset to the Eagles. He was known for his exceptional athleticism, intelligence on the field, and his ability to read defenses effectively.

Key highlights of Kelce’s NFL career include:

  1. Pro Bowl Selections: Kelce has earned multiple Pro Bowl selections during his career, a testament to his consistency and excellence at the center position.
  2. Super Bowl LII Victory: One of the crowning achievements of Kelce’s career came in 2018 when the Philadelphia Eagles won Super Bowl LII, defeating the New England Patriots. Kelce’s performance in the Super Bowl was widely praised, and his celebratory speech at the victory parade became iconic.
  3. Walter Payton NFL Man of the Year: Kelce’s commitment to community service and philanthropy earned him a nomination for the prestigious Walter Payton NFL Man of the Year Award.

Contract Earnings

In the NFL, player earnings are primarily driven by their contracts. Jason Kelce signed multiple contract extensions with the Philadelphia Eagles during his career, which significantly contributed to his net worth. As of 2021, some of the key contract details include:

  1. Rookie Contract (2011): Kelce signed his initial four-year rookie contract with the Eagles. While rookie contracts are generally less lucrative than later deals, they provide young players with the opportunity to establish themselves in the league.
  2. Contract Extensions: Throughout his career, Kelce signed several contract extensions with the Eagles, each reflecting his growing importance to the team. These extensions included substantial signing bonuses and guaranteed money.
  3. 2020 Extension: One of Kelce’s notable contract extensions occurred in 2020 when he signed a one-year extension worth $11 million, further solidifying his role as a key player on the Eagles’ offensive line.

Endorsements and Business Ventures

In addition to his NFL earnings, Jason Kelce has ventured into endorsements and business opportunities:

  1. Local Endorsements: Kelce has been associated with various local endorsements and partnerships in the Philadelphia area. These endorsements can provide additional income beyond his NFL salary.
  2. Business Ventures: Like many professional athletes, Kelce has explored business ventures outside of football. These may include investments or entrepreneurial pursuits that contribute to his overall net worth.

Community Involvement

Jason Kelce’s net worth is not only a reflection of his football success but also his commitment to making a positive impact on his community. He has been actively involved in philanthropic efforts, including support for educational initiatives and charitable organizations in the Philadelphia area.

Kelce’s community involvement is a testament to his character and dedication to using his platform for social good.


Jason Kelce’s net worth in 2023 is a combination of his NFL earnings, contract extensions, endorsements, and potential business ventures. Beyond his financial success, Kelce is admired for his leadership, dedication to the game of football, and his active role in the community.

As a beloved figure in Philadelphia and a respected member of the NFL, Jason Kelce’s legacy extends beyond the football field. His journey from a late-round draft pick to an NFL star and Super Bowl champion serves as an inspirational story of perseverance, hard work, and unwavering commitment to excellence in the sport he loves.

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