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The article will give details on Kodam Jayakarta Ilmci Com and will provide information on the website and its advantages. 

Have you heard of Kodam Jayakarta? People from Indonesia are familiar with this particular word as it talks about the military regional command of the Indonesian army in Jakarta. The regional command has been linked to a website with its apps, which helps people learn more about the country’s defense system.

We will dive into more in-depth details of Kodam Jayakarta Ilmci Com. Keep reading the complete post to know the details. 

Details of Kodam Jayakarta Ilmci Com

Details of Kodam Jayakarta Ilmci Com

Kodam Jayakarta provides information about the defense mechanism of the Indonesian army and the way it functions. Ilmci.com showcases the military command and several educational vouchers for students who wish to know more about the defense system. 

There are mobile apps that can be easily downloaded from the Play Store. People can find the details on several social media platforms, such as Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube, where the details of Kodam Jayakarta are provided. The details are not only limited to the defense system but also provide news and related information about what is happening in the country. 

History behind the Military Regional Command Establishment

History behind the Military Regional Command Establishment

The details of Kodam Jayakarta Ilmci Com are provided further in the section. The regional military command was established in 1949 for the security of Jakarta. There was a threat from the Dutch army; hence, the greater Jakarta needed to build a military command to protect the city and the country from enemies. 

In 1959, the name was changed to Kodam Jayakarta. Jayakarta is an old name for Jakarta, which has been put since it was achieved through victory against the Dutch army.

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Specifications of ILMCI.COM

Specifications of ILMCI.COM

  • The URL of the website is https://www.ilmci.com/
  • The trust score of the website is 47.7%.
  • The domain was created on 11 January, 2008.
  • The Kodam Jayakarta Ilmci Com involves the Indonesian army and the police officials to work for the unprivileged children’s welfare and education. 
  • The website carries out various innovative programs for the children, and provides multiple educational vouchers to raise dignity. 
  • It works with various collaborations with several NGOs and provide food and shelter to unprivileged children.

What offers does the online page provide?

The corporation aims to help unprivileged children and works in sectors such as education, IT, health industries, and others. The Kodam Jayakarta Ilmci Com has a vision to educate the children of Indonesia within the framework, and its mission is to build a new nation. 

The online website provides various products such as RMP, virtual coding, eduverse, algorithms, personality tests, imaging concepts, licensed ways to build smart cities, etc. A highly qualified team is behind the innovation, and the entire list is mentioned on the website.

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The Kodam Jayakarta Ilmci Com is an online profile with mobile apps that helps educate unprivileged children and improve their well-being to build a strong nation. The Indonesian army and the police are also included to help the country raise its standards. People who are curious to know more about the website can find details online.

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