Office Depot Business Select Scam: Free Trial Reddit Details Here!

Find out complete information about the Office Depot Business Select Scam and what feedback people share on Reddit.

Office Depot Business Select Scam. Check Below

Did you receive any mail from the Office Depot website regarding a free trial message? Are these email scams or legit? Worldwide, people are surprised to see the scam emails received from the popular website Office Depot. However, people are unaware of whether these emails are fraudulent or legit.

Users from the United States receive frequent messages and emails on their mobile devices, which they report as scams irrespectively of information whether these are legit or not. Therefore, let’s find out the reality of the Office Depot Business Select Scam.

Full Details of Office Depot Business Select Scam

Netizens are receiving emails from the Office Depot email address Yet, it is confirmed that the email address is of the Office default website, and it is not a fake email. The user shared the post on Reddit, mentioning that he found this message in the junk mail where a notification pop-up that thanks for the free signup for business Select trial. Additionally, it also mentioned that the user will be charged $49 after the first month of the subscription.

Full Details of Office Depot Business Select Scam

To confirm this email, the user went to the official website, but it does not show any details. Later, he mentioned that he got an update message from Office Depot mentioning that it was a server error on their behalf. 

Office Depot Business Select Free Trial Reddit

Many people are happy to get the free trial for the business select subscription of Office Depot. However, the signup fees seem to be quite expensive. Hence, lots of users want to unsubscribe from the subscription. After a while, Office Depot updated their users with the mail that all this information was a server error and none of their users would be charged with any amount or get any subscription.

People found relief reading this message, but everyone started believing that it was a big scam. However, some people accuse the website of being hacked, and users should not consider the website. 

Public Reaction on Office Depot Business Select Scam

People shared vast comments and thoughts on the complete scam, and they also mentioned that the domain itself was fake. However, the whole scam report raises the question of the authenticity of the domain, which has been working for the welfare of the public and providing the best office equipment online. 

Public Reaction on Office Depot Business Select Scam

A few people also mentioned that they received an email saying that they had earned $0 as a reward for their recent activity. So people find it a scam and ain’t believe these emails. However, there is no clarification or notice generated by Office Depot’s official website. 

What is Office Depot?

Many people came to know about Office Depot after the viral Office Depot Business Select Scam alert. Office Depot is an online domain where people can purchase any item or daily use equipment related to Office. All the items and equipment regarding the Office available in this domain are very affordable and easily accessible. Learn more about the PayPal scam.

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Final Verdict

Office Depot has been sending some spam emails to users, which people have reported as fraud. People on Reddit are talking about the Office Depot Business Select Scam, the free subscription, and payable charges after the first month of $49. However, the email is officially from the Office Depot website, and it was a server error.

Have you ever become a victim of such fraud emails? Comment below. Also, find out how to avoid credit card scams.

Disclaimer: All the information in this article is related to the recent scam alert from the Office Depot. We do not promote any website or domain.

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