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Watch the Wykop Film about Pies and Popek. Learn all the details about the viral Twitter Popek Filmik.

Do you know who Popek is? Popek is a famous rapper in Poland. He is also a professional mixed martial arts fighter. This Polish rapper has recently become the center of attraction after a disgusting video of him spread like wildfire on various social media platforms.

The video created a lot of controversy among the netizens. Those who have watched the Twitter Popek Filmik are now regretting it. Many people are still searching for the viral video of Popek.

What can we see in the viral Twitter Popek Filmik?

The video of Popek that has been circulating on social media platforms showcased sensitive content. Psychotrap uploaded the clip of Popek on 28 January 2024, Sunday. The video showcased how Popek behaved disgustingly to a dog. Yes, you are reading it correctly. Popek did terrible things with a dog.

For harassing a dog physically, many viewers called Popek a zoophile. The way Popek was fulfilling his physical needs with a dog was absolutely disgusting and disturbing to watch. The video also went viral with the Popek Filmik Pies title. The Polish word “Pies” means dogs.

What can we see in the viral Twitter Popek Filmik

Where did the video first go viral?

The video was first uploaded on the Wykop website. It is a Polish website that uploads various types of videos. After the video was published on the Wykop website, it first went viral on X (formerly known as Twitter). All the X (formerly known as Twitter) users who watched the viral footage of Popek felt instant regret.

Did Popek say anything about the Popek Wykop Filmik?

Yes. Popek apologized for his behavior toward that innocent dog. Popek also informed that he was intoxicated at that time. So, he did not harass the dog intentionally. He also said he wanted to make a joke and was not proud of it.

In this context, many viewers thought that the video might be fake. However, when Popek himself apologized for his nasty behavior, people believed that the footage was not fake.

Did Popek say anything about the Popek Wykop Filmik

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What was the reaction of ordinary people after watching the Popek Pies Twitter video?

Thousands of people already watched the viral video of Popek. They felt disturbed and disgusted after watching the video. People also cursed Popek for harassing a dog and capturing the video. Popek faced a lot of controversy from viewers. Many people are also making fun of Popek. You can also check our “Social Media Sites” Links section to see what ordinary people are commenting on the viral Popek Twitter Film.

Popek Wiki:

Full Name  Pawel Ryszard Mikolajuw
Nickname  Popek
Date of Birth  2 December 1978
Age 2024 45 years 
Birth Place  Legnica, Poland 
Occupation  Rapper and MMA fighter 
Marital Status  Not available 
Nationality  Polish 
Zodiac Sign  Sagittarius 

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The Final Discussion:

Unfortunately, some clips of the Twitter Popek Filmik are still available on X (formerly known as Twitter) and other social media platforms. The clips should not be available on social media. If you have not watched the viral video of Popek, we request you not to search for the video. Viewers should report such footage so that it can be removed from social media platforms. Click here to watch the performance of Popek in Ninja Warrior.

Will you still search for the video? Please comment below.

Disclaimer: We have no intention of hurting anyone’s emotions and degrading anyone’s reputation. We have collected all the information from authentic sources only for educational purposes.

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