Write for Us News: Criteria Set For 2023 Write-Ups!

You must review the criteria and guidelines provided in this post and adhere to them when forwarding us your Write for Us News article for publishing.  

Do you want to inform people about tips and tricks for worldwide events and affairs? News is all about spreading awareness about current happenings. In addition to entertainment, news frequently serves as a diversion from reality by providing details about other locations that people cannot access or have little control over.

You can foster a sense of community by letting people understand about news and media. Review the directions here to understand more about the conditions and how to qualify for your post on Write for Us News.

About Us:

Many crucial credentials and information on several industries and markets are provided through our platform since we consistently post write-ups on many subjects. Our publishing online venue is a one-of-a-kind informational resource to gain knowledge and understand many sectors.

The information on sectors you can benefit from is organic food, NFT or non-fungible technology, Write for Us + News, self-improvement, news and media, cryptocurrency, product reviews, blockchain, website reviews, health, lifestyle, life enhancement, home and garden, SaaS, pet, cats, and many more.

Contributors can significantly benefit from publishing their valuable knowledge through our platform as we offer the opportunity to showcase their writing skills through our portal.

Guidelines for News “Write for Us:”

  • Frame your post with 12 size; font- Times New Roman; line spacing- 1.5; and justified document.
  • Maintain bold headers and sub-headers with precisely written paragraphs and sentences.
  • Maintain quality when writing your news post to get it published.
  • The word criteria for the posts are 1500 and limited to 200 words precisely.
  • SEO-friendly News Write for Us content is the most sought-after for our online publications.
  • Keywords must be accurately placed, maintaining their count and word length as specified in our guidelines. Keywords must be blue and bold.
  • External links added to the post should be green and bold, with a maximum of 3% plagiarism.
  • Grammar (scores of more than 98), punctuation, sentence structure, and plagiarized content should be rectified.

Benefits For Writers:

  • Our platform’s massive global audiences would appreciate and recognize your contribution.
  • Entrepreneurs and brands will give you many flexible job options to exhibit your “Write for Us” + News writing skills for your brand and business.
  • Your recognition will be enhanced as global audiences will connect with you.
  • Good SEO practices will help you reach among the top SERP results.

Topics on News:

  • Top stories and current affairs
  • A complete report on the latest headlines
  • Events and occurrences across the planet
  • Financial, business, and local news
  • Weather updates
  • Worldwide political environment
  • Global economy impacting nations
  • Economic and political events
  • Science and education news
  • Weather, entertainment, and technological updates

Where to forward News + “Write for Us” topics?

Sending your news post for our online publication is simpler and easier as you must mail us your submission on our official e-mail iearateddotorg@gmail.com. Your content will be sent for publicizing only after it is assessed, evaluated, and verified by our expert editors and quality control professionals.


Writing on the news while adhering to our updated criteria will help you get a career boost. We encourage contributors to showcase their writing and creative capabilities and help people learn about the subject they hunt online.

Did you follow all the rules, writing criteria, and format when sending your news post? Share your Write for Us News post and let the world benefit through your news post.

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